Classic flatfooting & buck dancing styles:

Thomas Maupin champion buckdancer

Flatfoot Dancing with JoAnna & Carter

Emmylou Harris: Buck Dancing

Clog Dancing On The Porch

Flat Footing with Tommy Jarrell

Flat Footing with Rhiannon Giddens

Fun Flat-foot, Buck Dance, Paul Anderegg dances to Wild Asparagus

West Virginia flatfoot dancing or flatfooting at Camp Creek State Park

Flatfoot Dancing in Appalachia 
Flatfoot Dancing- Augusta Oldtime 2008

A Few Swell Precision Clogging Videos:

Best Bluegrass Clog Dancing Video Ever Made

Blue Ridge Mountain Dancers with Pete Seeger

Hot Clogging Dancers “All That”

BRMC Clogging At Hillbilly Day 2009

Kayla & Brandon Duo

Julie Bon & Stacey Slaughter clogging on a local Salt Lake City TV show

Clogging Demo 2007

Dancers In A League of Their Own:

Talking Feet – “Animal Dance”

Birdie Reece – harmonica & dance

Kayla Kiser Clogging

Brandon Norris

June Carter Cash – Flat Foot Dance London 1981

Ira Bernstein – Blue Railroad Train with Sand Dance

Well Done Instructional Videos:

Talking Feet: Solo Southern Dance: Buck, Flatfoot and Tap

Burton Edwards Buck Dancing/ Clogging

#1 Flatfooting Basic course – Dance Lesson – 2-sound Walking Step

#2 Flatfooting Dance Basic Course Lesson: Three-Sound Walking Step

#3 Flatfooting Dance Lesson – “Flatfooters Alamo” (Two 3-sound walking steps, then rock, step)

Flatfoot Dance Lesson with Seattle’s Charmaine Slaven – Portland OT Gathering

#13 – Feets On Tutorial in Flatfoot dancing – Buckdance lesson with Max

Charlie Burton Flatfoot Dancing Lesson 1 Clifftop 2009

Flatfoot dance lesson – Matt Olwell

Just For Fun:

Tennessee Crossroads: Thomas Maupin-Buckdancer (2607-1)

Kudzu String Band Buckdance

Beautiful Folk Dancing

Cotton Eyed Joe – Irish Dance meets NC Clogging!

ELIZABETH COTTEN – Buck Dance (Ragtime Guitar Study)

Buck Dance (Live) REVEREND GARY DAVIS, Ragtime Guitar Legend

Appalachian English

Cool Clogging Friends You Should Know About:

Southern California Clogging Association

Double Toe Times Magazine

Footworks Percussive Dance Ensemble

Old Time is a Good Time


California Bluegrass Association California Traditional Music Society

The National Clogging Organization

The Old Time Herald

Informational Books, Articles and Videos

History of Clogging

Talking Feet (the documentary film)

Ten Toe Percussion

Don’t Get Above Your Raisin’

Clogging: What is it?