11 July 2017

I’m Writing A Book!

I’m taking the summer to write a book which is a project that has long been a dream of mine. It is so great to be able to take some time off and give all of my attention and energy to it. The book will be a companion to my instructional DVD, “Becky’s Barnyard Buckdance”, featuring biographies and fun facts about historically significant Appalachian percussive dancers, many of whom I talk about in my teaching.  The book will feature artwork from local folk artists and will hopefully be something you might like to see on a coffee table!
While I won’t be teaching much this summer, but I’ll be working hard to be ready for all the events we’ll be jumping back into in the fall.

3 Responses

  1. Joe Schermann

    I just found you on YouTube and love your talent and with and ebullient personality. You are a national treasure!

  2. Kim Perry

    Love your DVD and am working on learning the steps. I’m excited to hear you’re publishing a book soon. Thank you for sharing your love of the dance and honoring those who have kept this tradition alive.

  3. Andie Farnsworth

    Can’t wait for your book. I have been buying the dvd and giving it as gifts. So cute. I am trying to revive flatfooting/buckdancing in our area. There’s clog and lots of tap, but as we know just does not get it like buck dancing! You are so inspiring! Big fan!

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