11 July 2017

I’m Writing A Book!

I’m taking the summer to write a book which is a project that has long been a dream of mine. It is so great to be able to take some time off and give all of my attention and energy to it. The book will be a companion to my instructional DVD, “Becky’s Barnyard Buckdance”, featuring biographies and fun facts about historically significant Appalachian percussive dancers, many of whom I talk about in my teaching.  The book will feature artwork from local folk artists and will hopefully be something you might like to see on a coffee table!
While I won’t be teaching much this summer, but I’ll be working hard to be ready for all the events we’ll be jumping back into in the fall.

4 Responses

  1. Joe Schermann

    I just found you on YouTube and love your talent and with and ebullient personality. You are a national treasure!

  2. Kim Perry

    Love your DVD and am working on learning the steps. I’m excited to hear you’re publishing a book soon. Thank you for sharing your love of the dance and honoring those who have kept this tradition alive.

  3. Andie Farnsworth

    Can’t wait for your book. I have been buying the dvd and giving it as gifts. So cute. I am trying to revive flatfooting/buckdancing in our area. There’s clog and lots of tap, but as we know just does not get it like buck dancing! You are so inspiring! Big fan!

  4. Linda Dunlop

    Hey so excited to find you . I have clogged several years with different groups. Including aerobic clogging at UNCA, Apple Dumpling Gang Cloggers and start a three series class with Linda Block August 7, 2018….so excited about your book. Saw about writing your book. Can’t wait til it comes out. Also saw where you have taught at Mars Hill College for their special week. I want so bad to take classes with you on Appalachian flatfoot and then Buck dancing. I live in Asheville, NC. Steve, my fiancé, plays guitar and sings with Raymond Fairchild at the Ol Opre House Thursday through Saturday night. Would you consider teaching around here. My feet and heart are wantin to flatfoot sooooo bad when they play,

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