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Rebecca at Urban Homestead

Rebecca flatfootin’ at Urban Homestead in 2013

Yes, it’s true – Rebecca Stout has returned from a holiday in Japan, visiting her husband June Kato’s family. But who is Rebecca you may ask? Well if you don’t yet know, lissen up, ‘cause I’m gonna testify: Rebecca Stout is just the best Appalachian flatfoot dancer anywhere! Her professional info says: “…Rebecca Stout focuses on dance as a percussive instrument, encouraging students to develop their own unique style.” Since meeting and performing with Rebecca I’ve checked out a number of other flatfoot dancers, and there’s simply no comparison; her energy and bubbly enthusiasm are unmatched.

Photo: Susan Weingartner

If you’re still mystified, the links below will enlighten you. But for now, be sure to note down that Rebecca will be joining The Wimberleys, June Kato, Rob Sandiford and Yours Truly, singing and dancing her way into your hearts on Saturday, March 1st at the Urban Homestead in Pasadena for a spectacular tribute to the legendary Carter Family, the forerunners of modern country music.
Urban Homestead music on Facebook can tell you all about this upcoming “Mountain Music” concert: