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Date : 24 / Jun / 2017
Time : 8:00 pm
Address : 800 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA

Rangoli Dance Company presents a Double Bill

Barnsdall Gallery Theatre

Krishna – a Magnificent Incarnation

Classical Indian dance, music, and visual designs express a scope of artistic and spiritual experience that extends from the intimate to the infinite.
The concert features “Bharatanatyam”dances (Classical dances of India)
to enactstories related to Lord Krishna. The numerous deities in the Hindu Pantheon are considered manifestations of theSupreme Spirit, which can take any form any time. India is a storehouse of myths and legends and these dances reveal stories that depict HIM as the infant, the lover, and the supreme Lord.
Come join Rangoli Dance Companyas Artistic Directors Malathi and Lakshmi Iyengar unite their creative forces and evocative choreography for thisexciting journey!


Rebecca Stout – Traditional Appalachian Music & Dance

Straight from the Appalachian mountains, this civil war era music, also known as “Old Time”, was traditionally played at dances, play parties, and front porch family gatherings.The common goal of a Flatfoot dancer is to mimic the fiddle or banjo tune with percussive steps. Many of the fiddle tunes and dance steps are directly descended from England, Ireland and Scotland, but when combined with thebanjo tunes and African rhythms brought by slaves to the Southeastern United States, they began to take on a quality unique to “the great American melting pot”. For the past 200 years, theses tunes and dance
steps have been passed from generation to generation through oral tradition and remain as thequintessential music and movement representing the American South.
Rebecca Stoutcontinues this tradition in her own family with the art of Appalachian Flatfoot Dance,sharing it with friends all over the world.Her work is featured in the International Bluegrass MusicMuseum. Come witness the joy of this “happy dance” as she performs along with Molly White and Steve
Wernerin the relaxed, old time way.


As a special treat, Rebecca, Molly, Steve, and Rangoli Dancers will join together for a cross-cultural percussive dance jam finale!
Advance Purchase $30 / Door $35 / Donor & Reserved Seats $50

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