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Julian Family Fiddle Camp 2013

Fiddle Camp Trickle Down at School

Scot Copeland, JUSD

One of the benefits of the Julian Family Fiddle Camp last weekend was the abundance of talent in our midst. Enjoy the opening night festivities at Camp Cedar Glen, I observed a solo artist dancing on rectangular sheet of plywood. I was instantly curious: this was a child-like dancing, resembling playground hopscotch and a rhyming game. Who was this person? I had never seen anything like it. It looked like good exercise too. I thought to myself, “The kids at the junior high have to see this!” I approached director Avery Ellisman to see if something could be whipped-up on very short notice.
Rebecca Stout, a noted Appalachian flatfoot dance instructor, was eager to get involved when asked about performing at school the very next day. Borrowed from the Fiddle Camp for an hour last Thursday, Rebecca captivated a large, mixed crowd of students. The junior high’s Wolf Den was filled in a thick circle of fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. Few characters could keep this varied group’s attention on a beautiful spring afternoon, but Rebecca wowed them with historic Appalachian flatfoot dancing, an a cappella song and her own rap.
We learned that this Appalachian dancing reflects a history of Native American, African, and Scotch-Irish influence and is a close relative of clogging. If you’re as curious as I was you might check Rebecca Stout’s great website:
If you do, get ready for an education.


Julian Family Fiddle Camp 2013

Poway Folk Circle

Beyond being ‘best in class’ musicians / performers, a more charming, warm, and attentive group of instructors you would be hard-pressed to find. This no doubt contributed to, as Adam Hurt expressed it – the great chemistry among these musicians. That chemistry, as well as their talent and respect for one another, was certainly evident in the evening concerts, which were positively electric. With all of this talent, our dilemma was choosing which classes, workshops, and other activities to attend.

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